Open Letter To Successful New Position To Get Small Business

We wish you a happy and successful new position and would like to we welcome you to our smaller business section of the portfolio. The letter we send you is written in an attitude of trust from two individuals with an extensive history of working with small companies as counselors, educators as well as consultants and researchers.

Numerous previous small business ministers were criticize for their ignorance of this vast and complicate sector of the economy. So, how are you going to get small business? This is our guide to the areas you need to be focusing on.

Small-Scale Businesses Are Crucial To The Economic System Position

We recommend that you and your Cabinet first recognize the importance of small businesses for the economic health. Small – to medium-sized enterprises make up nearly 90% of all businesses within Australia and employ approximately 65 percent of the population.

It’s a community comprise of approximately 2 million small-business owners with a workforce of around 5 million. Everyone is a voter and all have an interest in the policies you put in place by your government for small businesses. Let’s be aware of that while we move forward.

Small-Scale Business Isn’t An Industry, It’s About People

Consider small businesses as a group and not as a business. Small-scale businesses are present in every industry sector. The one thing they share with small-sized businesses, small-sized retailers, and service companies is that they are all small.

Small companies are closely joined groups of individuals working together to earn money by taking good care of the employees and pay their bills and take care of their clients and have time to spend time with their families. Small business owners typically are employed for long hours. For instance 64% of small-business employees work over 40 hours per week, and 36% of them work over 50 hours.

Small-scale businesses aren’t like corporations. They are people who are trying to make money through effort and business. The majority of micro businesses are small enterprises which employ just the owner. The owners are risk-averse and create jobs and wealth They generally demand only an equal amount. Consider them as individuals rather than organisations.

Fight Red Tape It’s About Fighting For Fairness Position

It is important not to fall into thinking that the main issue for small-sized businesses has to do with red tape. This the approach taken from many your previous leaders. It’s the principal stance advocate by small-business lobbyists reporters, journalists and radio announcers. While you may believe that small businesses are averse to the red tape, they don’t think of it as a problem.

Regulations, compliancesand licencing systems , taxation and compliance are all an integral part of operating the business. Comparatively to many other countries, Australia is home to some among the best structures of government. In the eyes of the United Nations we are a pioneer in the field of electronic government.

If you’re looking to reduce administrative burdens, the first step is to tackle the ongoing absence of coordination between federal and state jurisdictions. Every industry will face with challenges and your responsibility should to make sure that the best interests of small businesses taken into in any changes.

Small businesses’ ability to obtain bank loans at attractive interest rates should be a top important consideration. The major banks of our country were able to receive significant support from your administration during the Global Financial Crisis. They’re among the top profitable banks around the globe but they have the potential. To reduce costs of financing for small-scale businesses.

Connecting The Digital Divide And Gaps In Skills Position

The launch of the National Broadband Network is another chance for you. The March 2012 Sensis Small Business Index increasing digital presence through digital technologies was the top prioritization for this year.

Future policies of the government should focus on helping small-sized businesses to get online and expand their e-business capabilities. Utilizing online technology to create one-stop entry point to Federal as well as State agencies will reduce the cost of compliance. The data can made available to users for free, which can assist small business. Owners by providing research on market trends, benchmarking of industry and networking.

It is also recommend to increase funding for professional small-scale business education and training programs. These are require to include group and individual mentoring as well as coaching assistance.

Stop the current overlap of Federal as well as State programs, and move funding towards. The local level through existing small business assistance agencies. Promote more small business education and training at the colleges and universities.